Liliana Florea's Research Group @ Johns Hopkins University

About us

Our group is developing computational methods to model and solve problems in biology and medicine, fueled by the wealth of sequence data generated by new and evolving sequencing technologies. We design accurate and efficient algorithms and software tools to tackle current problems in genome assembly, gene and alternative splicing annotation, microRNA genomics and host-pathogen interaction, and apply them to characterize the genetic and genomic landscape of different cellular states and different organisms.

Recent News

  • 9/2016 - Our JULiP paper won the Best Paper Award at the ICCABS 2016 conference (with Guangyu Yang)
  • 9/2016 - Improving genome assembly with RNA-seq - our Rascaf paper appears in The Plant Genome Journal (with Li Song and Dhruv Shankar)
  • 6/2016 - Yujing Xie (UC Irvine) and Raymond Huffman (Manhasset High School, NY) are joining us for the summer - welcome on board! 
  • 2/2016 - Our CLASS2 software for transcript assembly and alternative splicing annotation from RNA-seq reads to appear in NAR (with Li Song and Sarven Sabunciyan)
  • 1/2016 - An interview I gave to Genetic Engineering News (GEN) on the occasion of the Next Generation Sequencing USA Congress
  • 10/2015 - Accurate and efficient RNA-seq error correction with Rcorrector, with Li Song, in GigaScience
  • 7/2015 - More functional validation for the role of our novel HCV viral miRNA in hepatocellular carcinoma (with Ajit Kumar)
  • 5/2015 - Guangyu Yang (Clemson U) has joined the lab, and Dhruv Shankar (UNC) and Ankur Sundara (Nashua HS South) are joining us for the summer - welcome on board!

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